Work by Gavin Behind The Scenes of a Rising Innovator

After being a finalist in the first ever Google Global Science Fair in 2011, I have been involved in helping it grow through hosting live Hangouts on Air where I interview accomplished people from the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and ask them what advice they have for today's youth. It has been an incredible experience!

Hangout with Kirsten Siebach, Doctoral Candidate in Planetary Geology

Hangout with Craig Nevill-Manning, Google's Chief Engineer in NYC

Hangout with Dr. Astro Teller, Google[X] Captain of Moonshots

Hangout Tour Live from Google I/O in San Francisco!

Live from Google's big I/O Conference, I hosted a quick live streamed tour to students around the world about the cool new technology Google was showcasing and announcing at the two day event.

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Hangout With Katharyn Boyer

I had a great live Hangout interview with Katharyn Boyer, an associate professor a researcher at the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies in the San Francisco Bay Area about her work studying Restoration Ecology. We answered questions like: How do we restore our coastal habitats? How do species interact when the environment changes? and What's the difference between a natural and a restored habitat? It was very cool to see the work she is doing to monitoring the coastal ecosystem and plant sea grass.

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Hangout With Hervé This

I was delighted to host a live Hangout and meet Hervé This, a French physical chemist who works for the Food Science & Culture Foundation (Academy of Sciences) in Paris. I was joined by two schools from around the world who asked some great questions about Hervé's work prioneering Molecular Gastronomy, and I was dissapointed I couldn't try the food he showed us how to make! I will need to add 1-octene-3-ol and beta carotene to my cooking list.

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Hangout With Rocket Scientists from Virgin Galactic

It's amazing how I can be at Duke University in North Carolina and have a live interview with engineers and rocket scientists as they sit in a space ship factory across the country. We answered a lot of questions from kids watching live, and learned a lot about what it is like to design and build next-generation space craft.

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Hangout With Dr. Dan Kraft talking about the Future of Medicine

It was my pleasure to interview Dr. Dan Kraft and hear him talk about his work developing new medical technologies. He's a Stanford- and Harvard-trained physician-scientist, inventor, entrepreneur and innovator and the Executive Director for the Exponential Medicine conference, which brings together some of the world's most advanced medicine technologists. As I hope to one day become a medical innovator myself, this was most intriguing!

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Hangout With Sam Branson and Will Pomerantz from Virgin Galactic

It was very nice to be able to meet Sam Branson and Will Pomerantz from the Virgin Galactic Mission Control in London as well as a school from Kent. We discussed "Why go to space?" and learned a lot about the future of space tourism and how Sam is preparing to go to space himself!

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Hangout With Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil is an amazing man who I have read about for a long time and finally got a chance to meet in this live Hangout On Air for the Google Science Fair! He has invented many amazing things, and I love his passion and optimism for what kinds of technology we might create as a civiliaztion in the future. He makes it sound inevitable that we will live forever one day side by side with artificial intelligence! I also am very optimistic about the future of technology and its positive impact on the world.

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Hangout With Professor Dan Ariely From Duke University

I was really fortunate to be able to interview Professor Dan Ariely in person thanks to us both being at the Duke Univeristy campus. We had a great conversation about Professor Dan Ariely's research on irrational behavior and his experience with his new online class through Coursera. I was joined by fellow college students and viewers from around the world. When I asked Dan Ariely what advice he would give a younger version of himself, he said you can think you can think about life events as being composed of three periods, anticipation, experience, and memory. For many years, he focused on maximizing the experience but not thinking about the before and after. Now, he values experiences which may be unpleasant at the time, but have a strong positive affect on you long afterward.

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Hangout In The Air With Solar Impulse

I was able to talk to the pilot of Solar Impulse while he was flying a completely solar powered airplane across the United States and I asked about the innovative tactile interface which is used to communicate information to the pilot as well as the challenges of staying awake in the plane on their own for very long periods of time. Jump to 15:05 to hear my question!

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Hangout With Guy Kawasaki

It was great to get a chance to interview Guy Kawasaki, former Apple Chief Evangelist, now author, investor, and business advisor for Motorola. We discussed what it is like to start a company and how he sees his four kids like four little start ups which take a lot of energy. When asked what advice he would give a younger version of himself, he recommended kids to take advantage of their parent's resources and travel the world and experience as much as they can, while they aren't tied down!

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Hangout With ISS Experiment Designer Adrian Drake

I had a great interview with Adrian Drake and got to ask him about his work in two very different areas, designing experiments on cumbustion in the International Space Station, and designing giant lego sculptures! When asked what advice he would give a the youth watching live, he said if something doesn't work the first time around, don't be afraid to try again and don't be afraid to fail or try something new. It's not failure if you're learning something new. It's just important to not give up.

Hangout With National Geographic Explorer Barrington Irving

It was a pleasure to interview Barrington Irving for the Google Science Fair and learn more about his achievement of flying an airplane that he built himself from donated parts around the world and his current work to help educate students by helping them also build planes that he then pilots. He is also working on a flying classroom experience which can incorporate young people around the world live on his world-wide travels. When asked what advice he'd give a younger version of himself, he said he wished he would have not been afraid to take chances and get educated with what's going on in the world and the industry of aviation as a whole instead of just focusing on becoming a pilot.

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Hangout With Dr. Eunsoo Kim and Dr. Rob Desalle From The American Museum of Natural History

I had a great Hangout with Eunsoo Kim and Rob DeSalle to talk about their research on how life gained the ability to harness life from the sun and how they got involved in the American Museum of Natural History. We had a lot of questions from kids watching live and we had a very interesting discussion! Eunsoo said that she had been interested in Science and Biology in particular from a very early age, Rob on the other hand was much more involved in sports up until college when he got really interest in Biology.

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Hangout With AnneMarie Thomas From The Maker Education Initiative

I got the chance to interview AnneMarie Thomas from the Maker Education Initiative and she joined the Hangout from a Maker Space! We talked about the resources availiable to kids who are interested in building electronics or any project they can dream of with readily available circuit parts and 3D printers. We also got to see "squishy circuits" in action which shows how home made playdough can be used to make circuits and teach basic electronic principles! When asked what advice she would give a younger version of herself, she said she would recommend kids to do the things they love and be interested in everything because it's always amazing how various fields end up coming in handy in the future. I liked when she told me, "Stay awake in all of your classes, Gavin, they are all useful!"

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Hangout With Pablos Holman From Intellectual Ventures

Pablos Holman gave a wonderful tour of the research labs of Intellectual Ventures when I interviewed him for this Hangout on Air and it was really cool to hear about how they were working on everything from Nuclear Energy to Culinary Science, to Anti-Mosquito Lasers! Pablos talked about his background in computer hacking for good and how hackers see the world differently. People like Pablos are always thinking about what applications new technology can have, and they make it happen. When I asked him what advice he would give the young people watching, he said when he was a kid, computers were just starting to become available. He said people are really good at things they are interested in, so do the things you are interested in or get interested in the things you are doing.

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Hangout With Professor Alan Gilchrist

I had a great Hangout on Air with Professor Alan Gilchrist from Rutgers University, and we got to talk about how optical illusions can reveal how the human eye works. Have a look at the video to see the cool experiment!

Hangout With CERN For The Google Science Fair

This morning I had a great time hosting a Google+ Hangout which featured the two CERN Researchers who announced the finding of the Higgs Boson, Joe Incandella and Fabiola Gianotti! There were also two schools from around the world in the Hangout as well as two Google Student Ambassadors. Joe even hung out underground from the CMS Experiment itself!

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Google Science Fair Office Hours Hangouts

As people around the world are working on their science fair project for the Google Science Fair 2013, I helped answer questions live from students about how to make a successful science fair project and about the rules for the GSF 2013. I have been involved in a lot of Office Hours hangouts for the Google Science Fair, and this is just one example of them.

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Google Science Fair 2013 Kickoff Hangout

I was really excited to help officially kick off the 2013 Google Science Fair along with the GSF team online! The Google Science Fair was an amazing experience where I got to meet amazing scientists, new science fair friends, and tour the Google Headquarters, and I would highly recommend applying to all students between the ages of 13 and 18.

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Hangout With Richard DeVaul

I got the chance to participate in a live Google+ Hangout with Rich DeVaul (an engineer on the Google [X] team) and it was really interesting! I got to talk about what got me interested in science and discuss science education in general.