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MindSumo Healthcare Challenge Winner!

Recently when I visited the Durham American Underground local startup accelerator, I met a cool company called MindSumo which runs company sponsored challenges on their site for students to brainstorm business innovations or solutions and show off their talents for prizes. I saw this challenge ( called “How must healthcare change to attract and meet the needs of Millennials?” by Kaiser Permanente and it got me thinking and brainstorming. I came up with four main features of a modern health app which would integrate health care more deeply and meaningfully into the lives of millennials:
  • Health Diary
  • Doctor Chat
  • Profile Building
  • Scheduled Follow-Up Questions
  • Appointment Scheduling

I wrote up a thorough pitch and even made some snazzy mockups of what such an app could look like, and you can read it here. Luckily enough, I was chosen as the top submission! As I enter medical school I will continue to keep these ideas in mind and tune them as I learn more about the needs of patients and the medical system, and maybe one day these features will become a normal part of our interaction with our healthcare!

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Featured in Business Insider: Most Impressive Students at Duke

Wow, my four years at Duke are wrapping up fast! I recently had the honor of being nominated and interviewed by Business Insider as one of Duke’s “18 most impressive students” and the article includes a lot of my good friends :) Very excited to be graduating with my wonderful class of 2015 and excited to see what incredible things everyone continues to do in the future!

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Better Know An Intern Feature

I was interviewed by Google about my experience as a Software Engineering Intern and the full interview is now online! One of the questions was, "What types of lessons/skills have you learned at Google that you will take back to school after this summer ends?" and I said:

Googleyness is a hard attribute to define, but I've seen it firsthand and I want to spread it! No idea is too crazy to be tried and no helpful action is too small to be worth it. I've seen Googlers from interns to full timers, right up to Larry himself, faced with tough decisions that do the right thing for the users even when it is the much harder path.
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Interns Make Photo Of The Day

I just put up by photos from my summer at Google in Kirkland, WA and I was realy surprised to get a message from someone the next day saying that one of them was declared photo of the day by an SEO site! I remember hearing that you should never put up photos online that you wouldn't be comfortable seeing on the news and I'm glad that these photos pass that test for me. The photo they choose was of me and my fellow interns exploring the mall before we went to see the movie The Internship in theaters!

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Quest Article

I am very excited to have been featured in the Coca-Cola magazine "Quest" which covers the activities of Coca-Cola Scholars. Check it out to learn about my latest activities. Also, check out the one right before mine from another Minnesota Coke Scholar!

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Talent Magazine Article

A cool article in talent magazine just came out and I'm in it! It's focused on motivation.

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Life to the Max

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Laura Goodrich from the local TV Show "Life to the Max" this week, which just aired at 11pm on Saturday the 21st. I watched the profile piece with my family and friends and we loved seeing the photos from my childhood, and the interviews of my teachers and principal, and the very kind remarks by the host, Mike Max. I'll be sure to embed the video on the site as soon as it becomes available! Thanks for the cool opportunity, Life to the Max!

Eden Prairie Sun Article

I was excited to see that an article about my Science Fair project to test a special kind of water turbine gear toward micro-turbines in third world countries was featured in the Eden Prairie Sun news paper.

Learn about my Water Turbine Project


Forbes wrote an article about my CHAD device, but it is unfortunately no longer online.

Learn about the CHAD

MPR News

Minnesota Public Radio published an awesome article about me and my CHAD project, and you can read it online!

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Learn about the CHAD


The daily newspaper for the University of Minnesota where I studied during my senior year of high school through the Minnesota PSEO program wrote an article about me and my CHAD project which you can read online.

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Learn about the CHAD

Davidson Fellowship Press Release

The Davidson Institute for Talent Development recently named me as one of their 2011 Fellows and their press release talks more about my background and award.

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CNN Health

CNN Health wrote an exciting piece on my work on the CHAD to help people with disabilities to control computer through alternative means to a mouse.

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CNN Article: Parents how to raise a creative genius

I was honored to be featured in an article on recently titled "Parents: How to raise a creative genius". I don't consider myself to be genius, but I'm thankful for the recognition my project, the CHAD and my hard academic work has recieved! Also, my parents were excited to be interviewed by CNN for the piece and I enjoyed reading about the other bright kids who were featured!

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Eden Prairie News

I was very surprised that my interview for the Eden Prairie News about my work on the CHAD device for people with disabilities was given the front page in the newspaper! I am happy they highlighted the motto that motivated my project which is "See a need, fill a need" which is what I hope the CHAD does for people who can't use computer mice. The article is no longer online, but you can see a picture of the article here!

Learn about the CHAD

MN Star Tribune

It was really nice of the MN Star Tribune to highlight my work on the CHAD in an article on their website. I think it's funny how they mention that my family used to call me "Puzzle Boy" because of how much I enjoyed solving large puzzles as a kid. Who knows, maybe it was a sign that I would one day try to solve even bigger "puzzles"?

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